The Story

The Story

Dottie, a beloved Boston Police Sergeant, infamous for always solving the case and being the last one to leave the bar, tries an early retirement and now must figure out what to do with the rest of her life.

Shortly after retiring, a dead body rolls up on shore in Dottie’s town, and she must learn to live outside of the precinct she’s spent her whole life being a part of. How can Dottie, who has dedicated her life to the police force, ever find something to occupy her time without leading her right back into the job she’s just left? Dottie will try a number a hilarious distractions while drinking and bicycling all over town. Whether it’s reconnecting with her children and ex-husbands, exploring the dating scene, hanging out with her hard partying retired best friend Colleen and her crazy four children, helping the high school basketball team win a state championship or avoiding her old lover / boss, Captain McHale, Dottie is in for one hell of a surprise.

This small Boston town will never be the same after the dead body turns out to be a murder resembling a 30 year old unsolved case which gains national attention forcing Dottie and this hard partying group to try to get…SOBER.


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